Cram Schools Learning The Teaching and Learning Center comes prepared for winter quarter – The Ledger

The Teaching and Learning Center comes prepared for winter quarter – The Ledger

Students can receive virtual tutoring through the TLC website.

Students don’t have to study by themselves, those who miss studying with their peers can find solace in the Teaching and Learning Center.

The TLC is another place on campus that has faced a virtual makeover due to COVID. Cara Farnell, the TLC Program Support Supervisor, explained that through its live and synchronous tutoring sessions the center assists students academically as well as emotionally. 

“Using the TLC can help students feel more connected and find support where it does exist,” Farnell said. “Since we have peer consultants, they are fellow students who understand what you are going through, which we’ve been told really helps you feel less alone.”  

She noted that if someone isn’t getting as much time as they normally would with their professor or classmates, working with the TLC can prove to be extremely beneficial.

“The virtual sessions are done over Zoom video or audio calls,” Farnell said. “Lasting anywhere from 15 minutes to 50 minutes, a student can bring whatever assignment or concept they are working on and get assistance from the consultant.” 

She said the prior disadvantages of online tutoring have largely been mitigated via technological functions.

“Some of the tutors have tablets which can work as a virtual whiteboard,” Farnell said. “Zoom also has its own function like that. On Zoom, both participants on a call can annotate a document via screen share, which is kind of like physically writing on the paper or making changes together via something like Google