Cram Schools Test Prep Behind the Bench, October 28th Junior Hockey News –

Behind the Bench, October 28th Junior Hockey News –

I hope this week’s newsletter finds each of you well. It’s been another crazy week. We have had much activity with teams and coaches beginning their scouting efforts for next season. With the NAHL and 3HL all having several games completed, I think coaches are eager to get a headstart for next year. Even the USHL has been keeping an eye on prospects even though their season has yet to “officially” begin (some scrimmages and exhibitions have taken place). That stated, more and more players have been reaching out looking to begin building their plans to enter Juniors next season. Of course, with individual states and provinces still continually changing their access and restriction protocols, it has kept us quite busy at Victorious. 

I am pretty excited about Coach Littler’s chosen reading for the the week. It is all about following your inspiration and chasing your dreams.


The best dreams happen with your eyes wide open

-Harvey Mackay

A class of college seniors filed into a room for their final exam. The professor announced that she had divided the questions into three categories and explained that students were to choose only one of the categories. The first category of questions was the most difficult and worth 50 points. The second set was somewhat easier and worth 40 points. The third group, the easiest, was worth 30 points.

The professor graded the papers as follows: the students who chose to answer questions in the hardest category were given As. Students who