Cram Schools Test Prep What Are The Best GMAT Prep Resources? – BusinessBecause

What Are The Best GMAT Prep Resources? – BusinessBecause

Out of all the resources available for GMAT prep, which stand out as the best of the best? 

We asked leading GMAT prep gurus and the verdict was clear: beyond the official guide there’s no single ‘best’ test prep service or resource. Rather, it’s about finding the best fit for you, your needs and your learning style. 

Here’s their advice on how to go about it. 

Find and use free practice tests, and ‘audition’ a test prep company 

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“While GMAC provides a free online starter kit that contains two free practice tests and a bunch of free practice questions, I wouldn’t use those two free tests right away. Though I do recommend that people take a practice test almost immediately, save these official tests for later in your studies when you know more. Every larger GMAT company has their own practice tests and most offer at least one for free – my company does that as well. 

“These resources are essential for practising real content under test-like conditions, but they aren’t built to teach you how to get better. That’s where test prep companies come in. What you’re looking for is a company that will teach you how to get better at doing math on paper without a calculator, and how to get better at the grammar exercises the test requires.

“It’s also a matter of figuring out how you best learn. Some people prefer to