Cram Schools Cram Schools New virus cases top 100 as Korea eases social distancing scheme – Korea Biomedical Review

New virus cases top 100 as Korea eases social distancing scheme – Korea Biomedical Review

Korea’s new Covid-19 cases climbed above 100 for the first time in five days on Monday, as new infections continued to occur amid the government’s decision to downgrade the nation’s social distancing scheme.

The caseload is only a slight increase from 98 a day earlier. Still, the nation is continuing to see significant outbreaks due to cluster infections coupled with a recent rise in foreign cases.

It recorded 102 new virus cases, including 69 local infections, raising the cumulative caseload to 24,805 as of midnight Monday, the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA) said.

Imported cases reached 33 on Tuesday, marking the highest number since 34 reported on July 29. Of the new arrivals, 14 patients came from Russia, five from Japan, four from the U.S. and Nepal, and one from the Philippines, Canada, Brazil, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Bangladesh.

The death toll inched up to 434, as one more patient died of the new coronavirus, while medical institutions discharged an additional 135 recovered people, increasing the total of cured patients to 22,863. The country has tested 2,428,771 people since Jan. 3.

Despite the new infections staying around 100, the government eased most of its strict restrictions to Level One on Monday, as it saw no massive outbreaks during the Chuseok holiday and the Korean Alphabet Day in the first 10 days of October.

Under the eased social distancing scheme, high-risk facilities such as clubs, karaoke rooms, cram schools and buffets, including those in the greater Seoul area, restarted business.

However, these places’ operators remain