Cram Schools Test Prep Whitman sophomore’s organization redistributes test prep books – Whitman Pioneer

Whitman sophomore’s organization redistributes test prep books – Whitman Pioneer

For many, their ACT and SAT prep books lie around for years before being thrown out. The Washington Book Exchange is trying to change that.

Washington Book Exchange collects and anonymously redistributes test preparation books to students from families with lower incomes across Washington state. Sophomore Amelia Leopold started the program three years ago when she noticed that students at her high school were throwing away SAT and ACT prep books that were still in good condition. 

The program was originally called the Bellevue Book Exchange and only provided resources to students within the Bellevue School District. However, according to the website, the program’s “success in a seemingly improbable location — the 4th wealthiest school district in Washington state — pointed to a wider need, and inspired [the] volunteer team to expand statewide.”

This year, Washington Book Exchange expanded its services to the entirety of Washington state through a remote request book program. Students can now request books and have them sent directly to their house. Leopold also partnered with Walla Walla High School. It became a franchise school for Washington Book Exchange this year. Franchise schools host collection bins for the program and have staff members helping to distribute the books.

Illustration by Anika Vucicevic.

Whitman alumnus and Walla Walla High School career counselor Katharine Curles became involved with the expansion by introducing the