Cram Schools Test Prep How to Get the ASVAB Score You Want –

How to Get the ASVAB Score You Want –

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, or the ASVAB, is a test administered to three potentially separate groups of people: interested high school students, individuals who are looking to enter the military, and people already enlisted, but who desire to increase their rank (the ASVAB is then called the AFCT).

Preparing for the ASVAB is tricky, because you want to do well on the test, as it can determine what branch of military you qualify for, as well as your rank. It is designed, however, to measure knowledge you would have acquired in high school.

“The test itself measures how well [students] have obtained the information that they have been taught in school already. So math, science, reading comprehension, arithmetic reasoning, all those subjects are being taught in school so we measure where they are,” said David Davis, Chief of the Testing Division at United States Military Entrance Processing Command.

As a result, the military does not put out a study guide. Your ability to retain information you would have learned between sixth and tenth grade is being tested and study of additional content is not necessary. However, familiarizing yourself with the test and brushing up on your skills with a bit of review can help you refresh your memory of these topics and help you feel confident about the test–and getting the score you want. Below are topics the ASVAB covers that