Cram Schools Learning SCC Online Learning Center Helps Students Get the Most Out of Instruction – citysuntimes

SCC Online Learning Center Helps Students Get the Most Out of Instruction – citysuntimes

Students at most education levels these days — whether K–12 or higher education — are taking part of their required coursework through online instruction. Some excel in this learning environment, and others have never experienced it before or may have reservations.

Responding to the needs of students and the broader community, Scottsdale Community College (SCC) launched the Online Learning Center featuring extensive information, how-to guides, assessments, video resources and more – designed to help students of all levels of experience with online learning improve their potential for success and overall academic outcomes.

“This Fall, most students will be receiving at least some, if not all, of their instruction online,” said Chris Haines, SCC’s interim president. “The new Online Learning Center leverages SCC’s 20 years of success in delivering robust, online higher education to help make the transition to remote learning easier.”

Visitors to the Online Learning Center can access resources on how to be a successful online student, take a short survey assessing their readiness for online learning, discover how to use online learning technology (video and more), tour an actual online course at SCC, learn about SCC’s online low-cost or no-cost textbook options, connect with extensive free tutoring services, and review online course delivery methods to determine the best fit.

Today, SCC offers 37 degree and certificate of completion programs available entirely for remote learning — and that’s in addition to many other courses being available online. View SCC’s entire online program list: To ensure greater student