Cram Schools Cram Schools Travel the world without leaving New Jersey, with ‘fauxcations’ – Community News

Travel the world without leaving New Jersey, with ‘fauxcations’ – Community News

While COVID-19 may have put the kibosh on many vacation trips, it has not canceled the opportunity to visit a quaint English university campus, a Belgian town, an intriguing Indian temple, or even Colonial America. Thanks to some architectural sleight-of-hand all of the above are closer than you think. And while they don’t show up in any travel brochures, they are brief “faux-cations” to places that evoke other lands, cultures, and even eras without leaving the exotic Garden State. So let’s pack the masks and the snacks and hit the open road.

‘Visit’ England

Hankering for a trip to Jolly Old England? Head over to the Princeton University campus to soak up its authentic imitation English Gothic architecture.

At the center of New Jersey’s England is Cram’s Princeton University Chapel, a miniature version of one of the architect’s most prominent works, St. John the Divine Cathedral in New York, the world’s largest cathedral.

Although Princeton started adopting the Gothic style in the 1890s, the movement heated up in the early 20th century. And if anyone can serve as the neo-Gothic poster boy it is American architect Ralph Cram, the university’s supervising architect from 1907 to 1929.

Cram was more than passionate about Gothic architecture and felt it was one of the highest of spiritual and artistic expressions.

His flames were fanned by Woodrow Wilson, Princeton president from 1902 to 1910, who