Cram Schools Cram Schools 2020 Cram the Cruiser event seeks to help during pandemic –

2020 Cram the Cruiser event seeks to help during pandemic –

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BROWNSVILLE,  Ky. – Two business parking lots in Edmonson County were filled with law enforcement Friday. These aren’t crime scenes, but the places to be seen for the 14th annual Kentucky State Police Cram the Cruiser event, which is a school supplies fundraiser for local students.

“Seems that everything is going great. I didn’t expect any different. The people of Edmonson County, they care about our kids, they care about our students, and they want to contribute and be a part of students success,” said Edmonson County School District Superintendent Brian Alexander.

The event is important every single year, yet the collection of supplies is even more crucial now due to the pandemic with many families struggling to get the resources their children what they need for school.

“Our students probably don’t always get the credit that they deserve, whether it’s here or across the state or anywhere else. People will pour their hearts out for our kids in this community. It means a lot to see that happen,” said State Rep. Michael Meredith.

While the usual school supplies like backpacks and notebooks are being collected, cleaning products like disinfectant spray and hand sanitizer are also in high demand.

“It’s probably more important than ever with students working from home, the needs are all still going to be there, and maybe more pronounced than they have been in the past,” Meredith said.