Cram Schools Test Prep Tales of a Displaced Youth: Leyla – Caracas Chronicles

Tales of a Displaced Youth: Leyla – Caracas Chronicles

Leyla Ventura and her long-time boyfriend, Nelson, were both very close to their families and moving abroad was not in their plans. Nelson was set to continue working at his father’s business and Leyla (whose parents were older) wanted to stay close to home to better take care of them, especially after her dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

However, these are the Tales of a Displaced Youth and uncertainty is always present. When the inflation rate in Venezuela skyrocketed and his beloved twin left the country, Nelson decided to do the same while Leyla finished med school. Nelson moved to Honduras, where Leyla’s family was from and where he had a job offer from one of her cousins. 

He began to thrive, and Leyla expected to have a smooth immigration process after she got her citizenship. With her graduation done (and after experiencing firsthand the deterioration of the local healthcare system), Leyla left for Honduras in mid-2018. In her suitcase she carried lots of anxiety, leaving only months after her mom recovered from a heart attack.

Things were far from easy, though: validating her Venezuelan diploma was problematic. She and Nelson lived in a small room within the factory where he worked. They barely had any space and, at night, they could hear rats running on the factory’s ceiling, a sound in Leyla’s nightmares to this day.

Six months later they took a trip back to Venezuela where, in the presence of their closest relatives and friends, they got married. Thankfully,