Cram Schools Learning New Location Planned for Mimbres Valley Learning Center – WNMU News

New Location Planned for Mimbres Valley Learning Center – WNMU News

Western New Mexico University Leading Project, Invested in Land for New Site

The Mimbres Valley Learning Center is slated to get a new location on the west side of Deming to be more accessible to the Deming high school and the local hospital. The new site will allow better access to advance higher education opportunities for the region’s population. At the beginning of 2020, Western New Mexico University purchased 40 acres on West Florida Avenue for the purpose of building a new learning center focused on health care and sustainability to provide Deming students of all ages broader opportunities. The campus will set a new standard in the southwest for how sustainability and education can work together to create unique indoor and outdoor learning experiences for students, faculty and the surrounding community.

Western New Mexico University, which has an extended university in the existing Mimbres Valley Learning Center, is leading the project design and implementation. “The idea of advancing higher education within the region belongs to the leadership of Senator John Arthur Smith and former Representative Dona Irwin and present representative Candie Sweetser,” said Dr. Joseph Shepard, President of Western New Mexico University. “Their leadership has advocated strong and better educational opportunities throughout the area as a means of economic development and keeping young people here.”

This last state legislative session funded an additional $2.5 million to develop the infrastructure of the 40-acre property. This is in addition to the previously received $1 million to purchase the parcel and design the