Cram Schools Test Prep UCs ditch the SAT and ACT — set out to make a “fairer” standardized test – CALmatters

UCs ditch the SAT and ACT — set out to make a “fairer” standardized test – CALmatters

In Summary

UC Regents have done away with standardized testing as part of its admissions considerations for at least five years. In that time the system will see whether it can create a custom test that’s more equitable for students of all backgrounds.

It’s time’s up, pencils down for the SAT and ACT tests at the University of California.

In a historic move likely to have national repercussions, the University of California Board of Regents voted today to stop requiring students to submit college-entrance tests the SAT or ACT for admissions purposes. The vote was a unanimous 23-0.

The system has given itself until the fall of 2025 to develop a bespoke standardized test for California residents. If the UC cannot create a new test that better aligns with what students learned in school, it’ll drop the testing requirement completely for Californians.  

The exams have long been the focus of critics who say they are racially biased, and that they give a leg up to wealthier students whose families can afford expensive test preparation. 

The landmark decision reverses more than 50 years of the UC’s reliance on standardized tests to determine who gets into the vaunted public-university system, whose nine undergraduate campuses regularly appear on lists of the top institutions in the country. The decision also parts with the recommendations of the influential Academic Senate, which supported use of the SAT and ACT earlier in the spring.

For six hours regents asked testing experts detailed questions about the purpose of the admissions tests, their