Cram Schools Learning Greeley’s Huntington Learning Center launches online tutoring – Greeley Tribune

Greeley’s Huntington Learning Center launches online tutoring – Greeley Tribune

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Huntington Learning Center of Greeley recently unveiled HuntingtonHelps LIVE, a virtual tutoring platform available to existing and prospective Huntington students.

The Greeley Huntington Learning Center is a locally-owned and accredited tutoring center serving Greeley and surrounding areas

The center is beginning the fourth week of virtual sessions. According to a news release, the center will continue to offer this as an option to help prevent students from falling behind.

HuntingtonHelps LIVE presents virtual, interactive and one-on-one tutoring and test prep sessions with Huntington’s certified teachers, according to the news release.

Subjects include phonics, vocabulary, reading, writing, math and science, history and language studies. There are also sessions dedicated to homework help and study skills.

Huntington also offers standardized test prep sessions for a variety of exams including Advanced Placement, SAT, and ACT.

Huntington is also offering several free resources to help parents navigate “the new normal,” according to the news release. This includes a catalog of webinars to help parents and students adjust to learning at home and preparing for college. The webinars may be found at

The Huntington Learning Center plans to resume in-center tutoring when it is safe to do so, according to the news release. For more information, visit Source…