Cram Schools Test Prep GMAT Data Sufficiency Guide | 5 Test Prep Tips – BusinessBecause

GMAT Data Sufficiency Guide | 5 Test Prep Tips – BusinessBecause

Preparing for your GMAT data sufficiency questions? We bring you our five top tips in this BusinessBecause video guide in collaboration with the Official GMAT

If you’re preparing for your GMAT exam, there’s no avoiding data sufficiency questions, which form a key part of the quantitative aspect of the test. 

For those starting their test prep, to those struggling with getting a grip on questions, we bring you our five top tips on how to approach and solve GMAT data sufficiency questions. 

Check out our BusinessBecause video guide below, made with help from the Official GMAT. 

Our five top tips for GMAT data sufficiency

1. Don’t waste your time solving the problem

Data sufficiency questions aren’t about giving the solution the problem, they’re about determining whether there is enough information for you to be able to answer the question. Don’t start by solving the problem. 

2. Memorize the answer choices

In data sufficiency questions, the five answer choices are always the same. Memorizing these will speed up your response. 

3. Consider each statement separately

Look at each statement, and see if it gives you enough information alone. 

4. Make sure the solution answers the question that is asked 

Be sure that the answer is sufficient to the question.

5. Brush up on your math

As with many quantitative questions on the GMAT, having a good grasp of mental math will speed up your response. 

Feeling confident on GMAT data sufficiency?

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